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The citizens of Washington, DC have been under assault by congress for years, from Jason Chaffetz to Darrell Issa.  DC's current unelected manager is Andy Harris.  These are all men who purport to love the USA and the people who live here.  They all support "individual liberty" and "state's rights" but when it comes to DC, their values do not apply.  True, DC is not a state, but its people still deserve the freedom to manage their own lives through their own government.  DC citizens pay federal taxes, go to war, and love America.  In fact, the citizens of the District of Columbia paid +$22 billion in federal tax - more than 22 states in 2014.  Citizen DC estimates that the Andy Harris' district contributes just 1/5 of that amount.

The latest attack from Andy Harris was his position to block the ability for DC to ban the sale of adult wipes.  People in DC work hard to be friends of the environment, but most importantly, they have an old sewer system that has difficulty processing these wipes.  Andy Harris only cares about big business, not the environment or clogged toilets.

Let's encourage Andy Harris to represent the people who elected him.  He should focus on his own district.  Citizens and friends of DC, please do not spend any money in Maryland Congressional District 1 - the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 


D.C. residents “love coming to the Eastern Shore,” he said on July 3 on WTTG (Channel 5).
— Andy Harris - US Congress, Fist District, MD


  • Do not visit the Maryland beaches
  • Do not buy gas on the Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Do not eat at Maryland Eastern Shore restaurants
  • Do not stay at Maryland Eastern Shore hotels
  • Chicken is big on the Eastern Shore - be sure yours comes from someplace else!


Spread the Word

  • Visit Delaware beaches
  • Visit Virginia beaches
  • Write a letter to Andy Harris - tell him to keep his hands off DC.
  • If you must visit Maryland east of the Chesapeake, buy your groceries before you go.